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Heartleader Support:

Do you need support for your music production (Feedback, Mixing, Mastering) - get in touch with me.

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Heartleader A-Z:

Heartleader Free Downloads

Heartleader Sample Pack:

Heartleader Tuned Kicks Vol. 1

House / Deep House / Tech House / Techno

-1.536 tuned Kick Drums

-128 Kicks per Root/3rd/5th Note per Root Note

-high quality WAV Files for all DAW's organise in Folder 

-12 Ableton Drum Racks to process your Kicks further


-Most of them are on Root Key and some are on 3rd and 5th when it sounds better

free download

Heartleader Ableton Racks:

 Ableton 8 Compressor (Sidechain)

Ableton Heartleader Themes

Heartleader Logic blue Style

Heartleader Midi ALC Files for all Keys

free download

Heartleader Ableton Instrument Racks:

Techno Bass Drone (Preview)

Heartleader Preset Packs: